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"I recovered the cost of Angad Diesel Hal within six months. I plented brinjal in my one acre land through encashment of this crop , recovered the cost of this machine.Probably it was not possible without Angad Diesel Hal. With the Help of Angad Diesel Hal I do nursery cultivation for tomato , cabbage farming and hoeing the soil as well..."

Banshraj Kushwah

Village: Navataria Kheda Mara, Block - Damda District - Durg , Chhattisgarh

Contact No: 2147483647

"Feeding the bullocks and maintaining them is expensive, whereas Angad Diesel Hal performs all crop processes at a very nominal cost. I grew 21 quintal wheat in 1 acre land using Angad Diesel Hal for cultivation, weeding, tilling, harvesting. At least 100-125 Rs. has to be paid to farm labor for 1 day . Using this machine 2.5 to 3 acre land can be cultivated in 1 day and also unwanted weeds can be controlled..."

Gajanan Singh

Village: Bhilai, Durg, Chhattisgarh

Contact No: 9826138230

“I had the very first sight of the Angad Diesel Hal on the internet, before which, I did not have any knowledge about the modern small machineries. When I saw it performing all the major Agricultural tasks so efficiently, it left me with an immense happiness To know further more about it, I left my enquiry in the Company’s Website, which was very well addressed by the concerned Team & helped me in making my mind to buy the Angad Diesel Hal Before, buying this I had to face lot of problems in the basic Farming practices in my fields as they are small in Area... ”

Anup Pandey

Village: Mishrapur,Pratapgarh,U.P

Contact No: 09559549977

“Angad HAL is 60% percent cost effective than a power tiller. It is of great utility in removing weed in field between two rows of crop. In horticulture, orchards and as well as in conventional cultivation there is no comparison of its multi functionality. It can plough, till, puddle and cultivate. For 1 or 2 acres farms, it is a revolution… ”

Kaushal Sharma

Village: Nadauna, Patna (Bihar)

Contact No: 09122756005

“With Angad Diesel HAL you don’t require extra labour. It is quite cheaper for ploughing than a tractor. It is even cheaper to buy. You can get its cost recovered within a year. It is a multipurpose device. You can plough, till, remove weeds, spray and pump water with Diesel HAL. It works equivalent to 4 bullocks …”

Sharveen Kumar

Village: Bhagwanganj, Patna (Bihar)

Contact No:

“When compared to bullocks, Angad Diesel HAL is time as well as money saving. It works equivalent to four bulls. It is very effective in doing almost every agrarian job as ploughing, tilling, puddling, ridging, pumping and spraying, etc. It performs effectively in growing every crop, whether it is wheat, rice or paddy…”

Punjab Singh Pahlania

Village: Arla Village, Distt Kangra (Himachal Pradesh)

Contact No: 09805225480

“Angad Diesel HAL is always better in farming than Bullock. It is far cheaper and can be employed in many jobs as ploughing, tilling, cultivation, spraying and pumping. It is a good source of an extra income as it fetches good money in renting. One can recover its cost in one season...”

Kehar Singh

Village: Arla Village, Distt Kangra (Himachal Pradesh)

Contact No: 09817226166

Our Distributors too have a lot to smile about “Angad Diesel Hal”

“Angad Diesel Hal has once again aroused the farmers’ interest in agriculture. A farmer can use it for multipurpose functionality. He can plough his farm with the help of plough attached to it and can also use it as a water pump and much more. Angad Diesel HAL is a good alternative to bullock as rearing them is completely impossible in present times due to increasing living and fodder cost. It is very cost effectiveness as compared to a pair of bullocks … ”

Contact Person: Mr. Tilak Raj
Area: Palampur, Distt. Kangra, (Himachal Pradesh)

Contact No: 09459007074