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Diesel Reversible MB Plough

Operations Advantages Reversible MB Plough
  • Cutting soil bed
  • Shuffling top & Lower layers of soil
  • Ridge making
  • Plough's basic function is to cut/break soil, i.e. preparing field for next season. Now MB Plough, adds few more advantages to this attachment. It not only cuts/breaks soil but also can turn/shuffle top layer to bottom and bottom to top layer, providing nutrient rich soil for next crop.
  • MB Plough with reversible option helps in saving time, fuel & effort in preparing field, as operator doesnot have to do circles of complete field, instead he/she can simply reverse the direction of MB plough and can continue along prepared line.
  • Mould board option provides another additional multi-purpose advantage. It helps in preparing small ridges or bunds for suitable crops/plants. And with depth wheel one can control and get desired depth as well.
 Diesel Plough