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The Brand – Angad

The meaning of Angad:

The word “Angad” comes from the Sanskrit meaning "Of my own body". 

According to Hindu Mythology, Angad, the son of Vali, planted his foot firmly on the ground of Ravana’s court and challenged anybody in the courtroom to uproot his foot. None of the demons presented in the court were successful in lifting his leg. 

“Angad”, in Punjab, also refers to the one cast in his own mould and filled by his own light; a veritable part of his own being. Besides that, Guru Angad Dev Ji was the second of The Ten Gurus of Sikhism, had his original name as Bhai Lehna. Guru Nanak gave him the name "Angad".

“Angad” represents something strong, that cannot be uprooted and gives a feeling of being one’s own part. These origins reflect the underlying vision behind Angad to provide low-cost and affordable mechanisation to the Indian agricultural sector. By going against conventional ingrained mindsets and attitudes, Angad has brought in a fresh new approach to rural engineering by creating innovative products that address the needs of farmers at prices they can easily afford. 

Angad – Success story:

Launched in Nov ’04, ‘Angad’ has been very well accepted by the farmers. More than 5000 numbers of ‘Angad’ tractors are running in the Indian soil right now.Survey shows that 90% of the buyers of ‘Angad’ tractor are first time owner of tractor; this is in sharp contrast with the tractor industry scenario where about 50% of the sales come from the replacement market.